SketchyMoney is a personal project to help people improve their financial literacy – or to put that in English – their ability to make informed and confident financial decisions.

Personal finance and money matters can often be complicated to understand. There’s lots of jargon to learn and the vast variety of financial products makes decision making extremely difficult.

Levels of financial literacy in the UK (and many other parts of the world) tend to be low. This is nobody’s fault, but it is a shame because its easy to make simple money mistakes that can become expensive in the long-run.

Added to this, there are so many things happening in the media and around the world that are financially related and impact our lives, but are difficult to understand.

For me, things are always easier to understand when they are presented visually, particularly when the subject matter is both complex and complicated (and lets face it, a little dry…).

Sketchnotes are one way of helping people to engage visually with personal finance. Creating your own sketchnotes is also a great way to learn (I now finally understand what the Deficit is) and could be a really interesting way for pupils and adults to build their own financial literacy.

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