The OPS Model

Depicts the Opportunity, then problem, then solution mental model

The OPS Model is a simple framework for thinking through different situations and ensuring you don’t jump directly into solutions before you’ve fully understood the problem. The model is based around the premise that every situation we deal with in our lives consists of three key factors: An outcome – where we want to be a

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The business design framework

Diagram depicting the business design framework

Business Design is a way of creating better customer outcomes that also provide more value for your organisation, enabling it to grow and remain relevant. This is achieved by combining human-centred thinking with business thinking; and it is especially important in our fast-paced world, where uncertain market conditions mean both private and public-sector organisations are

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Business model validation checklist

Depicts a stickman ticking through a checklist

To drive growth, organisations need to find new ways to provide value to customers; either through new products and services, launching into new markets or adding new features to existing propositions. At the same time, innovation is both costly and risky, which means it’s important to validate an idea as quickly as possible to determine

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