The personalisation of public services

Sketchnote showing how the last twenty years saw the digitalisation of public services, while the next twenty years will see the personalisation of public services

The last twenty years saw the era when public services went digital. Beginning with information websites to help people pay their taxes, start a business or initiate a court proceeding, it evolved into full blown digital transformation, with clunky paper-based processes like renewing your passport or applying for probate, simplified and digitised into accessible online […]

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The DiD innovation framework

Sketchnote illustrates the DiD framework phases of Discovery, Ideation and Delivery

DiD is a simple framework for promoting innovation in your organisation. It starts with the definition of an outcome and requires a cross-functional team with the space, resources and autonomy to work towards the outcome, using short, iterative loops. Starting in Discovery, the team builds context and understands the problem to be solved. After building

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Innovation Vs Optimisation

Sketchnote explaining why it's difficult for organisations to invest in innovation, especially when continuing to optimise looks like the more profitable option

Why do so many big organisations fail to innovate? Here’s my theory and it all revolves around optimisation. Launching new products and services is an expensive and risky business. There are many unknowns, processes are immature and the opportunity cost of launching this product (over another opportunity) adds to the pressure. Assuming you have a

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