Experience-led growth

Sketchnote showing how a positive experience at each stage of the customer lifecycle (awareness, evaluation, purchase, loyalty and advocacy) will enable a brand to drive growth through better customer engagement, satisfaction, retention and recommendation.

Brands need to attract and retain customers to grow. But this is easier said than done. In a crowded and commoditised market you’ve got to stand out from the competition. And once you’ve won a new customer, you’ve got to give them a good reason to stick with you. This is the case for experience-led […]

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What’s your unique angle?

Sketchnote explaining how a business can breakthrough the competition by shaping their proposition to the specific needs a highly targeted customer. This is their unique angle.

When you’ve got lots of competitors, how do you ensure you stand out? For photographers, having a unique angle is a way to stand out in a gallery, helping people to notice the picture and inspiring them to think or take action. In marketing this is known as ‘differentiation’ and working out how to differentiate

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A concise guide to product-led growth

Sketchnote explanation of product led growth strategy

Product-led growth (PLG) originates from the SaaS industry (software-as-a-service), where the emphasis over technology purchasing decisions has shifted from a single executive buyer (such as the CIO) making decisions, to individual employees and teams choosing the best tools they can find to help them do their jobs. OpenView Partners define PLG as: “a go-to-market strategy

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