Designing Data as a Service

Sketchnote showing the things you need to consider to build 'data as a service', including people and skills, user needs, data privacy and governance

Data is a vital business asset, but unlocking its power for your organisation goes beyond technology. Yes, the infrastructure needs to be in place to capture and transform multiple sources of data to reveal new insights – but the starting point has to be with the users. You need to understand what they want from […]

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Democratising data access

Sketchnote explaining how organisations rely on a small group of analysts and proposing that AI chat tools are used to provide non-technie users with direct access to the data.

Collecting data is easy. Getting people to use the data is the hard part. Most data tools require specific skills and experience to be used properly. This places access to data in the hands of a small group of specialists, and out of the direct reach of the teams and decision makers who need it

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The experience of AI

Sketchnote showing how people interact directly with AI through chat, voice and clickable UI, and how they interact indirectly through AI-drive processes, people supported by AI and personalisation.

AI is not just a technology, it also creates an experience. So for organisations going through an AI transformation, simply adding AI components to your products and services is not enough. You also need to consider the human experience of interacting with AI for your employees, customers and wider stakeholders. Direct interactions As workers and

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The Problems to Solve framework

Sketchnote showing the problems-to-solve framework for finding new opportunities to help people and generate growth.

Problems to Solve is a way of finding new opportunities to help people and generate more business. The framework promotes a way of thinking that is problems-led, not solutions-led. Solutions-led thinking is by no means a bad thing. In fact it’s quite natural. Lets face it, we all want to solve problems and make them

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