Donal Suter

The experience of AI

Sketchnote showing how people interact directly with AI through chat, voice and clickable UI, and how they interact indirectly through AI-drive processes, people supported by AI and personalisation.

AI is not just a technology, it also creates an experience. So for organisations going through an AI transformation, simply adding AI components to your products and services is not enough. You also need to consider the human experience of interacting with AI for your employees, customers and wider stakeholders. Direct interactions As workers and …

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The DiD innovation framework

Sketchnote illustrates the DiD framework phases of Discovery, Ideation and Delivery

DiD is a simple framework for promoting innovation in your organisation. It starts with the definition of an outcome and requires a cross-functional team with the space, resources and autonomy to work towards the outcome, using short, iterative loops. Starting in Discovery, the team builds context and understands the problem to be solved. After building …

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Visual thinking tools

A sketchnote showing nine popular visual thinking tools. These are roadmaps, quadrants, idea clusters, user journeys, tree maps, flows, mind maps, prototype sketches and timelines.

Here’s nine examples of visual thinking tools that can be used in group workshops or for your own thinking: Roadmaps Great for facilitating strategy workshops when you’re trying to identify an agreed outcome and the things you need to get there. Quadrants Useful for making comparisons (such as a competitor analysis) and for categorising things …

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What’s your unique angle?

Sketchnote explaining how a business can breakthrough the competition by shaping their proposition to the specific needs a highly targeted customer. This is their unique angle.

When you’ve got lots of competitors, how do you ensure you stand out? For photographers, having a unique angle is a way to stand out in a gallery, helping people to notice the picture and inspiring them to think or take action. In marketing this is known as ‘differentiation’ and working out how to differentiate …

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