Mapping complexity

Sketchnote explaining a four step framework for mapping complexity

Complex systems exist all around us. They can be big, small, man-made, natural, or a mixture of the lot. Things that are complex are unpredictable and uncontrollable. They don’t operate under a consistent set of rules and it can be hard to get a complete handle on all the components and the way they interact …

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User experience strategy

UX strategy

User Experience (UX) is a vital consideration for any organisation wishing to remain competitive and relevant. A UX strategy is the way you define and deliver this experience. Without a good strategy in place, UX activities end up being ad-hoc and disjointed. At best this is inefficient. At worst it can cause internal conflict, mixed …

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A concise guide to product-led growth

Sketchnote explanation of product led growth strategy

Product-led growth (PLG) originates from the SaaS industry (software-as-a-service), where the emphasis over technology purchasing decisions has shifted from a single executive buyer (such as the CIO) making decisions, to individual employees and teams choosing the best tools they can find to help them do their jobs. OpenView Partners define PLG as: “a go-to-market strategy …

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What is strategy?

Hand drawn sketch explaining what a strategy is

Strategy is a pathway of coordinated decisions through a series of unknowns to achieve a desired outcome. In his book Good Strategy / Bad Strategy, Richard Rumelt describes a good strategy as being a kernel structure consisting of three parts: 1) A diagnosis that defines or explains the nature of the challenge;  2) A guiding …

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Adaptive strategy

Diagram showing how adaptive strategy incrementally works towards the end goal

Strategy is the art of thinking intentionally about the things you want to achieve, working out how you will get them and then aligning all your resources to focus on the desired outcome. Without a strategy, everything becomes reactive, which means we drift along waiting for events to unfold, before scrambling about to work out …

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